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2022, 5 Januar | ---from the website:

The main trend will be that powder-based 3D printing will move from grubbing around in powder cake manually to machines doing this work, for the sake of better industrial quality and to start realizing the disruptive power of this generative branch of plastic part production. I hope that this transition will happen fast, simply to have more and better plastic parts available for all small and midsize companies. It will be these companies that create new markets, with lower financial risks and with diverse products and functionality unseen until today.

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2022, 3 Januar | ---from the website:

This kind of automation is welcome with people running an EOS P110 or Farsoon Flight in countries with high labor cost. It is more than interesting for people that run two or three machines anywhere. The completely bonkers thing is that this level of automation is now available for around $25,000. The ROI on this will be months, not years.

2021: Typ4 launch event at Formnext in Frankfurt.
The affordable modular variant! 

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2019 - 2020: Typ3 - The first and most advanced fully automatic machine for Post Processing of plastic powder 3D printed parts. Ideal for serial production!

TCT Northamerica article, online. 


PULVERMEISTER Typ3, exhibited in November 2019 at Formnext, Frankfurt: 

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